DICKINSON COLLEGE, Department of Philosophy, Carlisle PA         2017 – Present
Visiting Scholar & Study Abroad Program Consultant
Create cross-listed courses involving several departments and programs, such as French, Africana Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, History, and Religious Studies.
Develop and revise course content and syllabi in alignment with established student learning outcomes.  
  • Co-edited special issue of Religion in War and Peace in Africa in collaboration with College President.
  • Extended learning beyond the classroom through guest speakers and Skype sessions with noted authors, filmmakers, and political scientists.
  • Served as Examiner on International Studies (IS) Oral Exam.
  • Launched first Dickinson College Study Abroad in Rwanda involving three faculty, twenty-two Dickinson College students and two students from France.
  • Organized session on “Gender, Religion, and Violence” with speakers including Dickinson College faculty, U.S. Army War College faculty and the U.S. Department of State officials, March 2019.
  • Served on Steering Committee and spoke at “Challenging the Single Story: Interrogating (Mis)Representations of Africa and Its Diaspora”, Africana Studies Conference co-organized by Dickinson College,
    Gettysburg College and Franklin & Marshall College—the Central Pennsylvania Consortium (CPC).

Yola, Nigeria         2015 – 2017
Visiting Assistant Professor
Delivered course instruction in advanced, traditional, and cross-disciplinary courses, incorporating culture, identity, language, and race from the Negritude movement to Creolité. Fostered engaging learning environment
to encourage student participation. Augmented classroom instruction with readings selected to enhance textual analysis, fostering discussions of the role of text in global contexts.
Selected appropriate instructional methods and assessment techniques.  
  • Organized a study abroad program in Rwanda for American University of Nigeria Students.
  • Served on Steering Committee of Adamawa Peace Initiative (API).

MACALESTER COLLEGE, French and Francophone Studies Department,
St. Paul, MN         2009 – 2014
Assistant Professor
Taught all levels of French language and literature, incorporating multiple cultural elements from literary texts, films, and other artistic areas. Created opportunities for students to explore centuries of literature, history,
politics, and culture from Africa and the African diaspora by leveraging strong interdisciplinary research background to develop and lead French and Francophone courses cross-listed with other departments and programs,
such as African Studies, Philosophy, Critical Theory, Sociology, English, and Religious Studies. Develop and revise course content and syllabi in alignment with established student learning outcomes  
  • Developed and revised course content and syllabi in alignment with established student learning outcomes incorporating “performance contract” between teacher and students.
  • Created cultural immersion experience for students when serving as French House Coordinator.
  • Served as departmental International Faculty Liaison Officer for Study Abroad and as Steering Committee member for African Studies Concentration.
  • Organized conference “Rwanda: Genocide, Denial and Hope -Genocide, Denial and Prevention” Click on the link for more details .
  • Created opportunities for collaborative faculty/student research Click on the link for more details .
Honors and Capstone projects supervised:  
  • Hannah Warman (Capstone Project), De la dignité de la femme rwandaise. Lecture croisée de quelques récits de témoignage. 2013
  • Nicholas Huelster (Honors Project), Testimony at the Crossroads of Critical Theory. 2012
  • Margaret Brunk (Capstone Project), The Intersection Between Memory and History: a Resurrection? On Narratives of the Rwandan Genocide. 2012

Saint-Louis, Senegal         2013
Visiting Faculty
Contributed to instruction of doctoral students in the department of Civilization, Religion, Arts, and Communication (CRAC).  
  • Arranged seminar on “Belief, Cultural Identity in Francophone Literature”

Providence, Rhode Island         2013, 2011
Visiting Fellow,2013
Contributed to Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs mission to promote world peace, equality, and diplomacy, engaging in research, creative thinking, and teaching focused on pressing global issues.   Guest Faculty, June 2011
Invited to teach in two week intensive residential institute addressing global issues from multiple academic perspectives, collaborating with scholars from around the world.

Pre-Doctoral Teaching Appointments

Berkeley, CA         2003 – 2006
Graduate Student Instructor,2003 – 2006
Supported academic growth of students pursuing advanced degrees in French language studies, teaching sections, coaching and mentoring individual students.  
  • Coordinated and organized Francophone Studies Working Group for three years
Research Assistant,2004 – 2005
Participated in MacArthur Foundation funded project “Creating a History Curriculum after identity-based conflict.”


French Language, Culture, and Literature
  • All levels of French Language
  • Introduction to Literary Analysis (Taught in French)
  • Voix du Sud. Introduction à la littérature francophone subsaharienne (Taught in French)
  • Introduction to Francophone Cultures ((Taught in French)
  • Advanced Expression: Communication Tools (Taught in French)
  • First year course, "Mapping identity in Conflicting Cultures: Local, Race, Gender, and Religion" (Taught in English)
  • Child Soldiers through Texts and Films (Taught in French)
  • Littérature et témoignage à travers plusieurs siècles (Taught in French)
  • Représentation de l’Afrique dans les littératures française et francophone (à travers plusieurs siècles)
  • Independent Projects
  • Honors Independent

English Language, Literature, and Usage
  • Freshman Composition II
  • Critical Theory and Literary Criticism
  • Language and Society
  • Language and Politics
  • Preparation of Written and Oral Reports

Interdisciplinary Courses taught in English
  • “Religion: Conflict, Violence, and Peacemaking” cross listed with Sociology and Religion
  • “After Genocide and Apartheid: Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation”, cross- listed with History, Sociology, Religion, and Africana Studies (Co-taught with Prof. Jeremy Ball, History)
  • “Religion in Africa: Cultural, Social, and Political Dimensions”, cross-listed with French, Religion and Africana Studies
  • “Genocide, Representations, Media and Reconstructions”, cross-listed with English, International and Comparative Politics and Communication and Multimedia Design
  • “Of a Beautiful Mind: Literature and Philosophy at Crossroads” (taught in English), French course cross-listed with Philosophy, English and Critical Theory Concentration
  • “Religions in Africa, cross-reading between Literature and Theology” (taught in English), French course cross-listed with Religious Studies and African Concentration